Massage by Amy C. Donovan
Types of Massage


  • Deep Tissue Massage - increases circulation, softens hardened tissue and lengthens and relaxes shortened muscles.
  • Joint Range of Motion (JROM) – Passive JROM is the movement of the client’s joints through a normal range of motion by the therapist.  Active JROM – involves the client in the moving of their joints with or without the therapist’s assistance.  Resisted JROM – involves the client resisting the JROM in specific ways when requested by the therapist.
  • Myofascial Therapy - works to re-establish balance in the connective tissue matrix by decompressing, opening and elongating the fascial membranes.   This balance frequently manifests in the appearance of more balanced and erect posture and an increased sense of lightness or lift in the client.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy - the art and science of re-establishing balance between muscular and nervous systems.  NMT identifies and eliminates “trigger points,” the physiological manifestation of this imbalance.  Trigger points are focal points of hypersensitivity in tissue which generate pain.  They often occur in tissues which are stressed through injury, postural distortion or biomechanical dysfunction.
  • Pregnancy (Prenatal) Massage – provides emotional support, relieves muscle spasms, cramps, and myofascial pain, increases blood and lymph circulation, improves labor outcomes, relaxation and stress reduction, immune system enhancement, reduction of leg swelling, reduction of strain and dysfunction in weight bearing joints, increases secretion of prolactin.
  • Reflexotherapy - differs from hand and foot reflexology in that it utilizes a comprehensive, whole body approach to treatment, rather than focusing solely on the hands and feet.  Manipulating reflex areas in certain areas of the body will have a corresponding affect on the internal organs and other regions of the body. 
  • Swedish Massage - an excellent method used to increase circulation, reduce muscular tension and induce overall relaxation. 


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